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The Portex Cuff Inflator/Pressure Gauge combines the advantages of controlled cuff inflation with precise pressure monitoring. Ideally, the cuff pressure should be between 20 and 30 cm H2O. Higher cuff pressure may compress tracheal capillaries, limit blood flow, and predispose the patient to tracheal necrosis.

The Gauge Range is 0-120cm H2O. The air vent button and inflator allow cuff pressures to be varied quickly and easily and the clip on the back allows easy positioning.

The analog system with no dependence on any energy source makes the cuff pressure gauges highly reliable under any circumstances (outdoor, transport, OR).The accuracy of the display as well as the pre-defined pressure ranges help users to maintain the correct pressure.

In Adult with Endotracheal Tube : 20 and 30 cm H2O pressure is needed for the patient’s tube.

Pediatric endotracheal and tracheal intubation cuff pressure : 15 to 22 cm H2O pressure.

Adult With Tracheostomy tube : 25 and 30 cm H2O pressure.

Portex ET Cuff Pressure Gauge (Manometer)

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