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  • Sharp-Edged Jaws for Enhanced Cutting Action.
  • Compound Action Joint Promoting Smooth Motion.
  • Plier Grip Style Handle Ensuring Maximum Control.


Liston-Key Bone Cutting Forceps is a specialized device that orthopaedic surgeons use to cut off different types of bones, bony processes and adnexal bone tissues.

Liston Key-Horsley Bone Cutting Forceps S-Shaped are a handy instrument for use in many different surgeries. It is specifically most useful in orthopedic surgeries that require cutting or clipping of smaller, lower density bones. These types of bones are found in areas such as the nose or in the nasal septum area s well as in the orbit or other areas similar to that. Additionally these forceps are double action and s-shaped making them highly effective and precise.

Liston-Key Horsley Bone Cutting Forceps

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