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EKC cylinders for medical gases adhere to the most stringent regulations, both national and international and are manufactured according to ISO 9809-1 & ISO 9809-2,PED 97/23/EC, TPED (2010/35/EU), ISO 9809-3,IS 7285, EN-1964 and any other international standard.

Oxygen cylinders (or oxygen tanks) are medical devices meant to provide supplemental oxygen to patients. It helps people who are facing respiratory issues or those who have low blood oxygen levels.

An oxygen cylinder, or tank, stores oxygen, which is then dispensed to the patient using an oxygen mask, nasal tubes, or an oxygen rebreather.

An oxygen cylinder is to be used only when recommended by a registered medical professional. This is usually done when a person requires supplemental oxygen due to having low blood oxygen levels.Blood oxygen levels can be monitored using a device like a pulse oximeter. It measures SpO2 or oxygen saturation. Normal levels of SPO2 are above 95-92% in a healthy individual. If it falls below this, supplemental oxygen might be recommended.If the use of an oxygen cylinder is recommended, the doctor will also decide if it needs to be in the hospital or if it can be done at home. They will also determine how frequently or for how long oxygen therapy is needed.

When it is used in medical facilities or at home, they help to deliver supplemental oxygen to patients who cannot get the needed amount of oxygen on their own (these levels can be checked using a pulse oximeter).

At the top of the cylinder, a flow regulator converts the pressurized oxygen in the tank into a specific flow that can be measured, known as litres per minute (LPM).

Such regulators allow one to set a specific LPM and dispense the same level of oxygen until either it is shut off or the tank runs out. It is usually used for patients who require oxygen on an intermittent basis

EKC B-Type 10 Litre Ward MO2 Cylinder

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  • Water Capacity (Litres) B-Type(10 Litre) Cylinder
    Usage Medical Oxygen
    Working Pressure 150 kgf/cm2
    Type of Cylinder Filled Cylinder
    Gas Capacity 1.5 cubic meter
    Cylinder Material Mild Steel
    Brand EKC (Everest Kanto)
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