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The BMC RESmart G2S A20 Auto Cpap is a self-adjusting pressure device with integrated humidifier. A smaller, light weight CPAP device with 2.4-inch color screen with a user-friendly interface with easy to use 3-button control panel.

Features :

  • RESmart G2S Auto Cpap Machine is designed with an integrated humidifier that makes it smaller, lighter and more user-friendly.
  • 2.4-inch color screen with user-friendly interface.
  • 3-button control panel, simple and easy to use.
  • The water chamber withdrawing structure and the opening cover is more convenient to fill water and clean.
  • The Auto CPAP Machine has advanced sensor technology to automatically track your respiratory condition, detect the onset of snoring and automatically increases the pressure until the airway is fully open.
  • The Integrated H60 Heated Humidifier gives you extra comfort while adding just the right amount of humidity that you need throughout the night.


Taxes Included |
  • Ramp : 0-20 min

    Pressure Range : AUTO

    Sound Level : 26 dBa

    Weight ~2 Kg

  • Auto CPAP Device, Humidifier

    Air Filter, Power Adapter

    Tube (Hose Pipe), SD Card

    Carrying Case & Manuals

    Mask (Based on selection; Medium Nasal Mask is default);

    NOTE: Full Face Mask is Preferred for people who sleep with their mouth open.

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